Real-Time Profitability Reporting

Automated and sophisticated financial insights in real-time for every job, customer and contract.
Maximize your profits on every job
Momentum captures all field activity, then translates that data into dollars and cents. You can easily compare jobs and identify problem areas.
Momentum makes it simple to see which jobs are falling short of your profit goals. Itemized cost reporting lets you course-correct in-progress jobs before it’s too late.
See the cost impact for each site visit vs your total budgeted revenue

The Burndown Analysis keeps your profit margins healthy. See exactly how much each site visit costs your business compared to your total budget. It’s especially helpful for annual maintenance contracts when the amount of work varies month to month.

Your job costs, assets & activity impact your profitability

Don’t just see which jobs are underperforming, understand why. Then use that information to hit your profit goals. Unknown variable costs are the silent profit killers!

How does momentum calculate profitability in real-time?
Profitability calculations are enabled by a connected network of GPS hardware devices linked with vehicles, equipment, tools and crew members.
Travel Labor Time
How is travel labor time impacting your margins? Travel labor is one of the most commonly “missed” costs.
On-Job Labor Hours
Is the job progressing as budgeted, or are crews spending too much or too little time at the job site?
On-Job Production Rates
Are crews actively working at the job site? Momentum tracks equipment activity so you can see your real production rates.
Momentum gives you financial control, operational insights & total visibility
We built Momentum to make service businesses more profitable. Explore app features below.
Accurate Job Costing
Cost every job, project or annual contract down to the penny in seconds.
Budgeted vs Actual Cost Reporting
See your budgeted vs actual costs for every job and every customer, automatically.
24/7 Asset Tracking
Get total peace of mind. Always know the status and location of your most valuable assets in real-time.
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