Automatic Time Tracking.
Zero Data Entry.

The Momentum CrewID collects timesheets and labor costs automatically so you’ll never have to worry about user error or losing money on a job again.
Momentum CrewID works where mobile time tracking apps fail
Mobile time tracking apps like busybusy and clock shark cause headaches for field service businesses. They require a personal or company-issued device and field crews make data entry mistakes or they forget to clock in and out all the time. It’s a pain to manage.
We’ve been there, and that’s why we built the CrewID. It’s a privacy-first bluetooth-enabled tag that crews carry during the work day. You get 100% accurate labor cost data because your field crews don’t have to do anything, except the job they’ve been hired to do.
Never worry about timesheets again

Each week, valuable hours are wasted on fixing data entry errors, trying to associate labor costs with specific customers and hounding your field crews to do “extra work.”
Momentum eliminates the low-value tasks you and your team hate. Momentum gives you visibility, operational insights and deep financial reporting, automatically. Don’t bog your team down with any data entry. Keep your team focused on profit-driving work, not out-of-pocket administrative tasks.

The CrewID is a privacy-fist time tracker
Because the CrewID doesn’t require a mobile phone, it doesn’t track your location and activity 24/7. The CrewID only tracks travel time to and from the job and on the job site.

Jeff hated the headaches his mobile time tracking app caused. So he ditched it.
Mobile time tracking apps just didn’t work for me. We tried busybusy, but my guys would always forget to clock in and out. I spent hours fixing their mistakes each week, and I had to spend more time trying to figure out how much labor was costing me at each job. It was a pain.
Jeffrey Hewett
Owner, Sprinkler Solutions of Florida
Jeff was too busy to deal with busybusy
Jeff runs one of the most successful irrigation companies in Florida, servicing high-end clients like the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Every day, his field crews were wasting valuable time entering information into busybusy. And there were user-error issues that Jeff had to fix. The pros of busybusy were overshadowed by the cons. That’s why he switched to Momentum.

Momentum does more than just track time
The CrewID automatically tracks labor costs, travel time and time on the job. Momentum devices also connect to your vehicles and equipment to give you deep financial and operational insights into your business activities.
You can see how all your assets – vehicles, equipment and crews – impact your profitability.
Labor cost tracking that pays for itself. And more.

Think about how much time your crews are spending clocking in and out on a mobile app each week. The Momentum CrewID eliminates that wasted time.
Momentum pays for itself just based on the time savings alone. But when you consider the operational and financial insights you’ll get, Momentum will help you exceed your profit goals on every job.

So how does Momentum actually work?
All labor costs are collected and calculated automatically with connected GPS and Bluetooth devices.
Carry the CrewID
Stick in on a keychain, in your pocket or in a bag. You can even leave it in the truck.
Travel Time Labor Costs
The CrewID automatically pairs with the Eagle One GPS device in your vehicle.
On-Job Labor Costs
Momentum knows when the vehicle and any associated CrewID is at the job site.
Real-Time Labor Cost Calculations
Travel time and on-job labor costs are calculated automatically, based on fully-burdened labor rates.
Understand Your Labor Costs and Profitability
Easily see how labor costs impact each job and your business as a whole.
Ditch your mobile time tracking app. Book a demo.