Job Costing

Job costing automation means down-to-the-penny costs for every job, project or annual contract in seconds. Without data entry.
Job costing automation fuels profitability
Eliminate the guesswork from your job costing. Variable costs are updated and calculated automatically to protect you from thinning margins.
Momentum allows you to easily account for even the most complex costs and variable costs.
Create accurate monthly budgets in seconds. See your actual job costs.

You can create accurate monthly budgets in seconds. Momentum automatically tracks and analyzes your budgeted vs actual costs. You’ll also get deep financial insights, like the burndown analysis, for every job.

How does automated job costing work?
Job costing is automated using data from Momentum GPS devices connected to vehicles, equipment, tools and crew members. You’ll never have to waste time on data entry again.
Vehicle Costs
Fuel, maintenance and depreciation add up. And if you’re not factoring these costs into your pricing, your margins suffer.
Labor Costs
Your business sells labor. Easily account for fully burdened hourly rates for travel labor time and on-job labor costs.
Other Costs
Easily include other costs like materials, subcontractors and miscellaneous fixed costs.
Every asset and all activity has a cost

Momentum itemizes field activity and asset data then translates it into cost information for you. You get easy-to-understand reporting, automatically.  Always know the financial and operational status of every job, customer or contract.

Momentum gives you financial control, operational insights & total visibility
We built Momentum to make service businesses more profitable. Explore app features below.
Budgeted vs Actual Cost Reporting
See your budgeted vs actual costs for every job and every customer, automatically.
Real-Time Profitability Reporting
Get line-item detail to see what’s driving your profitability and what isn’t.
24/7 Asset Tracking
Get total peace of mind. Always know the status and location of your most valuable assets in real-time.
Momentum Job Costing Automation saved my landscape business
I used to spend at least 8 hours every week just trying to sort out my actual job costs. I couldn’t tell which jobs were actually making the margins that I budgeted for. Momentum saved my business. I can see all of my labor, vehicle and equipment costs broken down for every job. Now I know my profitability on a per-job basis. I’d highly recommend Momentum to anyone in the trades or field services.
Jaimie Bulcao
Scenic Landscape
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