tracking for light equipment
& Tools

The Momentum Toolie. Bluetooth enabled location and activity tracking for tools and light equipment.
Momentum Toolie Light Equipment Location & Activity Tracker Details
All Momentum Toolies are proudly designed, tested and built in the USA.
Long-Lasting Internal Battery
We built the Momentum Toolie to be reliable. The internal battery will last for a full 2 years! After that we’ll send you new ones for free. You don’t even have to return the old ones. As long as you’re a Momentum customer, we’ll send you and many Toolies as you need to keep your operations running as smoothly as possible. We view the Toolie as an extension of your equipment. Your businesses depends on reliable equipment to get the job done. You can always rely on the Toolie to work. We built it that way for you.
Precision Activity Tracking
A tiny yet powerful accelerometer senses even the slightest movements, so you’ll always know when a tool or piece of equipment is actively being used.
Guaranteed for Life
If your Toolie is ever damaged, we’ll replace it for free. No questions asked. Actually, we’d be impressed! The Toolie can survive any beating and withstand even the harshest environment and most extreme temperatures.
Updates Every :10
Location and activity data is sent to the Momentum app in 10-second intervals for precise tracking and reporting.
Easy Installation
Every Toolie comes with industrial grade adhesive. Just stick it on any tool or piece of equipment or use zip ties or self tapping screws with the pre-drilled cutouts.

We aren’t just wingin’ it. The Momentum Toolie was created based feedback from service pros like you.
Our customers needed to easily verify that their on-job production rates were accurate. Which equipment was being used? And for how often?

3 Easy Ways to Attach Your Momentum Toolie
Stick It On
Use the industrial-strength adhesive that comes on every Momentum Toolie.
Zip It On
Use zip ties with the pre-drilled cut-outs. Zip-ties come with every Momentum Toolie.
Screw It In
Use self-tapping screws with the pre-drilled cut-outs in the corners of the Toolie.
The Toolie: Simple & Transparent Pricing
The Toolie starts at just $6 per month per device. No extra fees or hidden charges. You also get unlimited access and unlimited users for the Momentum app.
Starting at $6/month/asset
The Toolie is priced to save service businesses money and give you instant value. But before you pay us a penny, we want you to be sure Momentum is the right fit for your business. Try it for free for 30 days.

Momentum Creates a Connected Network of All Your Business Assets
The Momentum Toolie powers Momentum’s cloud-based software, giving you accurate production rates and real-time visibility into the location and activity of your light equipment.
Momentum automates field data collection so you can get REAL production rates on every job for every piece of equipment. With an internal accelerometer the Toolie is the only light equipment tracker that gives you precise usage and production rates and location tracking.
Knowing your production rates will make you more profitable

You need to know how long it takes your crews to get the job done. The Momentum Toolie gives you precise production rates based on equipment usage reports so you can operate more efficiently and make data-backed decisions.

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