vs Actual

Cost Reporting

Sophisticated real-time and post-job reporting shows the variance in your budgeted vs actual costs.
See the difference between your budget vs your actual costs
Understanding why your actual costs vary from your budgeted costs will help you avoid profit-killing operational issues on future jobs.
And with reporting in real-time, you can course-correct on jobs that are going over budget. You can use Momentum to stay profitable on every job.
How does budgeted vs actual cost reporting work?
Budgeted vs Actual reporting is enabled by a connected network of GPS hardware devices linked with vehicles, equipment, tools and crew members.
Budget vs actual difference
See exactly what’s causing your actual costs to vary from your budgeted costs, and the severity of the issue.
Get a global view
See the variance of your budget vs actual jobs at a company level. Understand the financial and operational health of your business.
Get a per-job view
See which jobs, customers and projects on on-budget. Or not. Take corrective action to adjust pricing and resource allocation.
Momentum gives you financial control, operational insights & total visibility
Momentum makes service businesses more profitable. Explore more features below.
Accurate Job Costing
Cost every job, project or annual contract down to the penny in seconds.
Real-Time Profitability Reporting
Get line-item detail to see what’s driving your profitability and what isn’t.
24/7 Asset Tracking
Get total peace of mind. Always know the status and location of your most valuable assets in real-time.
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