Privacy-first labor cost tracking

The CrewID is a bluetooth tag that automatically collects precise travel-time and on-job labor costs without data entry.
Momentum CrewID Privacy-First Labor Cost Tracker Details
All Momentum CrewIDs are proudly designed, tested and built in the USA
Precise Labor Cost Tracking With Updates Every :10
A tiny yet powerful sensor detects entrances and exits from a job site, vehicle or other designated work area. Location and activity data is sent in 10-second intervals for precise tracking and reporting. The CrewID was built to make your crews’ lives easier. With the CrewID, they never have to worry about clocking in or out of the wrong job. And when they’re out of the vehicle or off a job site, the CrewID can’t track their location. Unlike invasive mobile time keeping apps with tracking that’s always on.
Indestructible & Extreme Temperature Proof
The CrewID can survive any beating and withstand even the harshest environment and extreme weather conditions.
Guaranteed For Life
If your CrewID is ever damaged, we’ll replace it for free. No questions asked.
Long-Lasting Internal Battery
We built the CrewID to be reliable. The internal battery will last for 6 years. After that, we’ll replace it for free.
Easy To Attach
Every CrewID comes with a key ring so your team can easily attach it to a keychain, belt or belt loop or adhesive to stick in on a hard hat.

The CrewID was created based on feedback and input from service professionals like you.
Our customers needed to easily verify real labor costs, actual employee time on the job without manually clocking in and out and to see who was responsible for which vehicle or asset and at what time. The CrewID solves costly labor cost collection issues.

3 Easy Ways to Carry Your CrewID
Hook It On
Every CrewID comes with a key ring so you can easily hook it on a keychain, belt or belt loop.
Pop It In
Just pop the CrewID in a pocket or tool bag and it’ll do its thing!
Stick It On
Some industries require hardhats at all times at job sites. If that’s you, just stick in on your hardhat!
The CrewID: Simple & Transparent Pricing
The CrewID starts at just $6 per month per device. No extra fees or hidden charges. You also get unlimited access and unlimited users for the Momentum app.
Starting at $6/month/device
The CrewID is priced to save service businesses money while providing instant value. We want you to be sure Momentum is the right fit for your business before you ever pay us a penny. That’s why we let you try it for free for 30 days.

Momentum Creates a Connected Network of All Your Business Assets and Crews
The Momentum CrewID powers Momentum’s cloud-based software, giving you accurate labor costs and real-time visibility into how labor costs impact your profitability for every job.
Too many field service businesses lose margin because they can’t accurate track their true labor costs. Thats why we built the CrewID.
The CrewID accurately all captures labor costs automatically

Your service business sells labor. That means that labor costs will always have the biggest impact on your profitability. The Momentum CrewID captures all travel time and on-job labor costs and itemize them for every customer.

Momentum CrewID FAQs
The CrewID is a privacy-first labor cost tracker. You might have some questions. We’ve got the answers.
How does the CrewID track labor costs?

The CrewID pairs all employees to an asset, like a vehicle that’s connected to an Eagle One GPS device. The CrewID automatically associates an employee with a vehicle. When the vehicle starts, the “clock starts” for each employee in the vehicle. When the vehicle stops at a job site, Momentum knows the precise travel time cost of each employee. At the job site the clock “restarts” and Momentum automatically associates the labor costs with the location.

Does the CrewID always track my location?

No. The CrewID was built to respect employee privacy. The CrewID is simply calculating labor costs based on vehicles and geo-fenced job sites within the Momentum app. The CrewID does NOT track real-time location. When an employee is away from a job site, the CrewID will not track location, unlike invasive mobile time tracking apps with “always on” location tracking.

How much does the CrewID cost?

The CrewID starts at just $6 per device per month. It typically pays for itself in about a day or two. Ask us how.

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