Live-Streaming. Dual-Facing.
HD Dash cams.

Better visibility, improved driver safety and total liability protection for your business. Momentum’s Ai-powered, dual HD dash cams are THE dash cam choice for 1000s of service pros.
Better visibility with dual HD dash cams. Advanced safety insights with AI. $40/month. No upfront costs.
A lot can happen driving to and from jobs. Ai-powered dash cams let you see everything that’s happening inside the cabin of your business vehicles and what’s happening on the road.
Safer driving behavior. Indisputable video proof. Big insurance savings.
I have different crews working at multiple jobsites 5 days a week. With so much going on, it’s hard to manage all operational activity, customer communication and the needs of the business. Momentum dash cams give me the extra visibility I need. I have more peace of mine now knowing that I’m protected against liability. I’m also saving BIG on insurance premiums. Between the insurance savings and the operational and financial reporting, Momentum more than pays for itself every month!
Lucas Baker
President, Pacific Landscaping
Dash Cam Features & Benefits
Service industry pros spend a lot of time on the road. Momentum’s financial and operational reporting lets you know what’s happening on the job. Dash cams let you see what’s happening between jobs.
Live video streaming and downloads provide liability protection
Incidents on the road happen. Protect your business from expensive liability with indisputable video proof. Momentum dash cams let you watch live streaming video and download clips directly from the Momentum app.
Dual-facing HD cameras for better visibility
Momentum dual-facing HD dash cams lets you see what’s happening on the road and in the cabin of your business vehicles at all times.
Alerts improve safety and driver behavior
Get alerts for speeding, aggressive driving and other unsafe behaviors. See what’s happening inside the cabin of your business vehicles and improve driver behavior.
Dash cams at prices that pay for themselves

Momentum Ai-powered dash cams are just $40/month per device. No upfront costs. No contracts. All the tech you need.


When you equip your service vehicles with dash cams, you can get big savings on your insurance costs. For some of our customers, the insurance savings alone more than pays for their monthly Momentum subscription.


And if your vehicles are ever involved in an incident, you’ll have the indisputable proof to protect your business from liability.

Momentum dash cams work with our Eagle One GPS tracking device and gives you better visibility with dual camera video capture capabilities in a simple-to-use, easy-to-install package.
Technical specifications & additional FAQs

Processor – Qualcomm 64-bit hexa-core CPU
Storage – 16GB Internal storage, 256GB MicroSD card
Cameras – 1080p Road Facing Camera, 720p Cabin Facing Camera
Video – Live/Historic Streaming @ 720p
Field of View – Road Facing Camera 140 degrees, Cabin Facing Camera 130 degrees
Night Vision – High-quality infrared on cabin-facing camera
Display – High-resolution LCD display: 800×340, Security LED
Audio – High-fidelity speaker Dual noise canceling microphones
Connectivity – LTE, CanBus (J1979 & J1939)
Sensors – GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity, Temperature
Power – Powered via OBD-II, Intelligent power management, Backup battery
Size – H 2.0 in x D 1.1 in x W 7.75 in, Weight: 0.37 lb (169 g)
Security – Encrypted cloud storage, Secure web transfer (TLS 1.2), Tamper-proof enclosure


Take a deeper dive into the technical specs here and see the complete list of FAQs.

Is the dash cam always on?

No. When connected to the vehicle’s OBD or J1939 diagnostic port, the Camera will be powered by the vehicle’s battery whether the vehicle is driving or parked.


See the full list of FAQs here.

Can I download videos?

Yes. You can download dash cam videos from your Momentum account.

Where can I see dash cam video in the Momentum app?

You can watch live streaming video from the Trips view on the Momentum desktop dashboard. You can download video clips and still images from the Trips view also. 

How do I install my dash cam?

The Camera is a plug and play solution. It is shipped with all required accessories for installation in a light/medium duty vehicle with a 16-pin OBDII port. An 8ft cable connecting the Camera to the vehicle’s OBD port is included. Adapter cables are required for J1939 vehicles or 2-Wire installation. The Camera also includes a universal mount that can be used to install the device on the windshield or the dashboard of the vehicle.

Where does the dash cam need to be placed?

The Camera can be installed on the dashboard or on the windshield based upon your preference. If installed in the driver’s field of view, it can serve as a head’s up display, providing real-time information including speed, fuel level and even direction of travel. The adhesive at the base of the universal mount will not leave any residue when removed. Two additional adhesives are provided should you need to relocate the device or move to another vehicle.

How does it work with an Eagle One GPS tracker?

If you’re using a Wire-in Eagle One GPS tracking device that’s connected your vehicle’s diagnostic port, you can connect your dashcam with an included “Y” cable. If you’re using a Wire-in Eagle One GPS tracking device, you can connect your dashcam directly to your diagnostic port.

Does the dash cam record audio?

The Camera can record audio, and it is incumbent upon you as the fleet operator to understand the rules related to audio capture for the jurisdiction(s) in which you operate. Each dash cam is configurable to enable or disable audio recording.

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Momentum dash cams and GPS devices connect all your business assets
Your business depends on vehicles, equipment, tools and crews. We built devices for all your field service business needs. Get complete visibility, and always know the status and location of your assets.
The Eagle One
One GPS device that works on your vehicles, trailers & heavy equipment. Hardware is included. No contracts. $15/month/asset.
The Toolie
Bluetooth enabled location and activity tracking for tools & light equipment. Starting at $6/month/asset.
The CrewID
Privacy-first bluetooth enabled tags that automatically track labor costs. Starting at $6/month/device.