The Complete Fleet Management Solution for Field Service

3,300+ Fleets Roll With Momentum

Always Know The Location & Status Of Your Fleet

Real-time location tracking. 24/7 visibility.

Your business depends on knowing the location of your fleet and people at all times. With location updates every 10 seconds, you’ll always be in-the-know.

  • Get total peace of mind

  • Instant visibility for all your assets

  • Automatically verify time on the job-site

  • Prevent vehicle & equipment theft

See fleet status & activity at-a-glance

Your fleet and people power your business. Eliminate manual check-ins and keep your operations running smoothly with real-time status and activity alerts.

  • Manage your fleet & team effectively

  • Improve fleet utilization KPIs

  • Increase operational efficiencies

Dispatch Smarter & Quicker. Boost Your Productivity.

Get there faster. Complete more jobs.

Get the right techs to the right places at the right time with route optimization. Seeing all your moving assets at-a-glance makes smart dispatching easy.

  • Reroute immediately after cancellations

  • Optimize your routes based on real-time data

  • Automated location & arrival alerts for customers

Prevent Accidents & Reduce Risk

Driver safety is critical for your business

Real-time fleet management ensures your drivers are operating safely and they’re where they’re supposed to be.

  • Eliminate dangerous speeding by employees

  • Stop unauthorized use of vehicles

  • Minimize costly insurance premiums

  • Protect your business from damaging legal suits

Slash Your Operating Expenses

Vehicle repair and replacement is costly and can have a major financial impact on your business. Automate your preventative maintenance tasks and keep your vehicles running for longer.

  • Mitigate vehicle wear & tear

  • Preventative maintenance on auto-pilot

  • Identify minor issues before they turn into major repairs

  • Automatically organize your service record costs and receipts

Don’t let crazy prices at the pump kill your profitability. With historically high fuel prices, just getting back and forth between jobs is expensive.

  • Reduce idling time

  • Optimize your routes

“Momentum allowed us to significantly reduce operating expenses, automate all of our preventative maintenance tasks and effectively deploy our workforce with ease.”

Jonathan Spano

CEO & Co-Founder, Traffic Management, Inc.

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Momentum For Your Industry

Field Service professionals in all trades use Momentum to operate in-the-know. See how your industry colleagues are leveraging data to make smarter, faster operational decisions backed by data-intelligence.

Before Momentum

  • Wasting time on manual, low-value tasks

  • Guessing where your fleet, equipment and employees are and what they’re doing

  • Killing productivity by not being able to deploy assets or adapt your job flow based on changing conditions

  • Wondering how your field operations impact your profit margins

  • Having supervisors get ‘snapshots’ of work activity during site visits

  • Following vehicle and equipment maintenance schedules based on time not use

After Momentum

  • Focusing on high-value work

  • Knowing the location, status and activity of your fleet, equipment and employees at all times

  • Increasing productivity by deploying assets based on real-time information

  • Understanding how field operations dictate your profitability

  • Having a complete view of all work activity without having to visit job sites

  • Automating vehicle and equipment maintenance based on best practices and usage

Business Owners & Operators Love Us. You Will Too.

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