GPS for Vehicles, Trailers & Heavy Equipment

The Momentum Eagle One GPS tracker. One device for your vehicles, trailers & heavy equipment. Installs in seconds.
Eagle One GPS Tracker Details
All Momentum Eagle One GPS trackers are proudly designed, tested and built in the USA
Auto-Charging Internal Battery
The battery will charge in just 15 minutes and can fully function without external power for 12 months. If the Eagle One is ever disconnected, you’ll receive an alert immediately. The Eagle One’s smart power management runs off power from the vehicle, trailer or equipment it’s connected to. We built the Eagle One to support any use case. And one of the main reasons why we created the long-lasting internal battery is so that you’ll always have peace of mind when you’re using Momentum. Even on the vehicles or assets that you use only periodically.
Guaranteed For Life
If your GPS tracker is ever damaged, we’ll replace it for free. No questions asked. As long as you’re a Momentum customer, you’ll never have to worry about replacement fees. We stand behind our products.
Updates Every :10
Location data is sent in 10-second intervals for precise tracking and reporting. You’ll even see real-time movement on the Momentum desktop platform or mobile app.
Indestructible & Extreme Temperature Proof
The Eagle One can survive any beating and withstand even the harshest environment and extreme weather conditions.
Easy Installation
Just plug it in or wire it to a battery. We made it easy to install so there’s never a need to rely on a technician.

We spent years developing the best possible GPS trackers so you can have a worry-free experience, every day. You could even say that we’re obsessed.
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2 Easy Ways to Connect Your Eagle One GPS Tracker
Plug-In Harness
Best of light-to-medium duty trucks, vans and cars. Compatibility: OBD-II
Wire-In Harness
Best for Trailers, heavy duty equipment and big rigs. Compatibility: 12v Battery
Quick Comparison: Plug-in vs Wire-in

The Momentum Eagle One GPS tracker works on vehicles, trailers and heavy equipment. But there’s a few differences between the Plug-in and the Wire-in harness. View a quick comparison below.

The Eagle One: Simple & Transparent Pricing
The Eagle One is just $15 per month per asset. No extra fees or hidden charges. You also get unlimited access and unlimited users for the Momentum app.
$15 / month / asset
The Eagle One is priced to save service businesses money give you instant value. But before you pay us a penny, we want you to be sure Momentum is the right fit for your business. Try it for free for 30 days.

Momentum Creates a Connected Network of All Your Vehicles and Business Assets
The Eagle One GPS tracker powers Momentum’s cloud-based software giving you 24/7, real-time visibility into the location and status of your vehicles, trailers and heavy equipment.
Momentum makes asset tracking easy. We’re also transparent with our pricing. The Momentum Eagle One is just $15/month per device. But Momentum does way more than just track your stuff. All Momentum GPS trackers and devices automatically collect the data that powers Momentum’s cloud-based software.

Momentum Devices That Connect Your Light Equipment, Tools & Crews
The Toolie
Bluetooth enabled location and activity tracking for tools & light equipment
The CrewID
Privacy-first bluetooth enabled tags that automatically track labor costs
Dash Cams
Live-streaming, dual-facing, HD dash cams for only $40/month
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