make every job count with
jobsite analytics
make every
job count
with jobsite analytics
Momentum makes service businesses more profitable. Our software is powered by connected GPS devices that automatically pull data from your vehicles, equipment and crew’s labor activity so you can get accurate job costs, operational insights and precision profitability reporting.
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Get complete financial control of your business
Running a service business is hard. Knowing which jobs are profitable shouldn’t be. With Momentum’s automated job costing and profitability reporting, you’ll know which jobs and customers are truly profitable for your business, and get visibility into what’s causing some jobs to lose money.
View job profitability analyses
driven by accurate costs
View job profitability analyses driven by accurate costs
Most companies are forced to apply broad costing data to jobs, which results in a miscalculation of individual per-job costs. If you don’t know your actual job costs, you can’t get a true handle on your profitability. Momentum solves this problem so you have accurate costs, and, finally, true per-job profitability reporting.
Here’s how Momentum calculates your costs:
Step 01
Travel time costs you in terms of labor
Step 02
Fleet costs like fuel, vehicle maintenance and depreciation have to be factored in
Step 03
As does the labor cost of your crew on the job
Step 04
And finally materials and subcontractors
Step 05
Now you can tell precisely how much a job makes you in profit
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Momentum’s magic is its Connected GPS Layer
Perfectly accurate cost data captured automatically.
Hassle free. Zero compliance issues.
Momentum’s connected GPS data layer automatically and accurately inputs cost data into the software for your vehicles, equipment, and crew as they travel to and from, and work on, your job sites. GPS tracking devices take the place of manual (and error-prone) processes.
No more manual data entry, clocking into the right job, waiting for time cards from the field, or hours wasted auditing. It’s all done for you – in real-time.
What our clients say
With Momentum Jobsite Analytics, I discovered that I could make more money by running 2-man crews instead of 3-man crews on all my jobs! I can easily see my on-job performance in real-time and save a TON of money on labor costs. Using Momentum has made my business 8-12% more profitable on every job!
David Clifford
Vice President, TurfMaster Lawn Maintenance
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