August 18, 2021


Link Cheng

Zoom In Like The Bionic Man

Trip Breadcrumbs on Zoom


Ma-na-na-na-na: Zoom In!

Do you know the feeling when you zoom in on Google Maps, and just wish you could zoom in further to get even more details? We know that feeling. You want superpowers, and we want them too.

Well, this feature is for you.

Introducing enhanced breadcrumbs on all trips. The way this works is, the more you zoom in, the more breadcrumbs we show. You wouldn’t want a breadcrumb every 10 seconds viewing a long trip, because that would be information overload. It would also look awful. But keep zooming, and TA-DA! We add more dots!

You can zoom down to 10 second intervals, with the seconds showing in the timestamp. (We also fixed a bug which was causing some GPS drift, so that the accuracy of trips is about 5% better.)

Yes, 10-second breadcrumbs is good, and it is the gold standard among all GPS Telematics vendors. No one has more real-time breadcrumbs on trips. No one.


Zoom in like the Bionic Man

What Momentum IoT users may look like. (Yes, that’s Steve Austin, the Bionic Man, in case you’re too young to know.)



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