September 13, 2021


Link Cheng

Why You Should Get GPS Push Alerts

GPS Push Alert

Push notifications are not only more useful, but more attractive than texts. Crazy, right? It’s like when we found out there were foods that tasted good and were good for you. Just like that. Here’s why.

Joe Mama's AppFirst of all, if you haven’t done it, download or update to our latest mobile app. Not sure if you have the latest version? Open our app, click on “Account” in the bottom left corner, and see what version you have. If it says Version 1.1.1, you need to update to Version 1.2.

Second, if you have monitors, you should try to get push alerts, rather than texts. We know text was all the rage in 1997, but times have changed, you know?

With Push, you get all the excitement of an instant update, with the added value of a deep link into the app! So you can swipe or click on a push alert from us, and go directly to the right place in the app where the event occurred. 

How’s that for value? 

If you’re not sure how to get a push alert, here’s how:

Now go, get that Push.

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