May 13, 2019


Link Cheng

Why Momentum IoT Won’t Be at IoT World This Year

What a trade show might look like.

What a trade show might look like.

We love IoT. Really, we do. We believe in the transformative power of connected anything, from electric scooters to bulldozers, from streetlights to supply chains. But we won’t be at IoT World this year.

Why? Our clients won’t be there either. Instead of going to IoT World, we made this video, to share our story directly with our audience.

At IoT World, giant telematics companies pay for plush carpets in wonderful booths with LED-displays to evangelize to their peers.

But the next big IoT companies won’t emerge from this group. Rather, they will come from outside it. That’s because powerful lessons from other industries will transform IoT, and the people who have learned the new business models are better suited to disrupt this one. For example, if you witnessed how transformed enterprise software, or how Meraki transformed Wi-Fi, you will have a leg up when you bring those approaches to IoT.

And make no mistake, change is coming. Early IoT players have captured only a small segment of the potential market. Lower hardware costs, better and cheaper networks, and streamlined, cloud architectures will combine to enable new winners, with business models that take advantage of these trends.

When Justin Silva tried connecting his trucks and trailers, he learned this lesson the hard way. He was an IT manager at a mid-sized field service company. He tested several telematics providers. They were simply awful to work with. Inflexible, closed, old and expensive. He thought he could do better, so he created a new company, from scratch.

We have no booth, and no plush carpets. Want to try us? Feel free to see our full demo, or grab a free device. If you have a small or mid-sized fleet, we want to speak with you. So we will invest the money we could have spent on IoT World speaking directly to you, and supporting your evaluation.


[And here’s how we spent our IoT World budget:]

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