December 10, 2021


Link Cheng

Who is this guy?

ECHO Momentum IoT Review


Who is this guy?

And why is he sitting in his truck, with a beautiful new Eagle 1 GPS Tracking device from Momentum IoT?

We asked the same question.

It turns out that Scott Horoszewski, from Landscapes by Acme, is an independent reviewer of equipment for landscape pros. He was told about our product by ECHO, the maker of outdoor power equipment for landscape pros. He’s an unpaid reviewer!

Scott did what any one of you can do. He went to our site, here, and signed up for a free hardware trial. And we sent him the box you see him with in the video. Yes, you can get the same hardware trial, and try it for free, just like Scott did (minus the cool haircut, who are we kiddin’.)

Looks like he liked it! And now ECHO is promoting our product to their Pro members in their ECHO Means Business program, here. We’re in the big time now, baby!ECHO Momentum IoT Review

Check out the full 10 minute video. Scott goes through the unboxing to see what’s in the box, and then goes right into the cab of his truck to install the Eagle 1 into the OBD port. He demos the software, and shows where his truck was, and lots of other trips and route history. Finally, he offers his review. Check out his review of the Momentum IoT Eagle 1 in the video below.





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