November 19, 2021


Link Cheng

Who are these Rock Stars?

Momentum IoT Rock Stars

What do they have in common? On their own, without prompting, they told us their stories in social media.

Brian J. Bridges: We have 40 of these in service on our trucks and heavy equipment. Such a great program for tracking and information.

Vincent Lockman: Momentum IoT I never comment in these forums for any companies. You guys are the first. Because your equipment is superior to anything out there, your pricing is excellent, your service is wonderful, and really you can’t be beat! If you guys keep it up you will control the industry!

John Bell: Installed 4 units a week ago. Already caught one employee going home for hours each day. You have saved me from unhappy customers and thosands in wasted payroll already! Thanks!

Christopher Jones: I am a customer. I have 30+ units. They aren’t paying me to say anything. I have been a customer for a while now and it works great.

Tony Robinson: Love mine! Works great in Lake Tahoe, NV

Dave Dieter: I now have 35 units on my account. I Track all my rental equipment as they leave, I am also leaving the wiring harness installed, and as people purchase the equipment from us it’s already wired and they just need to order their own GPS module. I can assure you these units work great!

Chase Wheeler: Definitely the best service I’ve found so far. I used Verizon connect and momentum blows them out if the water. Everything from the packaging to the device itself is excellent.

Brendan McCann: They work great so far. I have one that’s hooked to my old and another one on a different truck hooked to the battery. Very accurate and does exactly what is advertised.


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