November 29, 2018


Link Cheng

Verizon Connect and its Very, Very Bad Reviews

Verizon Connect - Fleetmatics actual reviews on Yelp are not pretty.

Verizon Connect – Fleetmatics actual reviews on Yelp are not pretty.

Where we’re going, they can’t follow.

We compete with Verizon Connect, which was formerly called Fleetmatics and bought by Verizon recently for $2.4 billion.

We’ve got something that’s much better for their customers. And we know it, because their customers said so.

Why are we unafraid to speak so directly about Verizon Connect? Because times have changed.

In the old days, it wasn’t polite to name the competition. That would be too in-your-face, self-aggrandizing, and dare we say it, common.

We were taught that badmouthing the competition was bad for business, because it would reflect poorly on us. So they said.

Finally, if you highlight the key differences between you and the established legacy provider, you’re just giving away your secrets, and who will stop them from just copying you?

Well, we get all that. But we’re here to tell you that’s yesterday’s thinking. When you have a clear vision, and clear differentiation, maybe it’s okay to just bring it, and shout it from the rooftops.

So, here it is: Momentum IoT is fundamentally better for you, Mr. Prospective Customer, than Verizon Connect. We offer more, cost less, and are not scared to talk about it. Fundamentally, we have confidence that you will appreciate the difference, and furthermore, we know that the reason they can’t just follow us is them.

They won’t innovate. They have offered the same tired solutions for 14 years. Same hardware, same applications. Same bad service, same aggressive sales tactics, same contract lock-ins and penalties for early termination. They’ve built a company worth billions doing it this way. Why change a winning formula now?

The only thing that will change this picture is a competitor, who treats the customer with respect. We know the customer, because we were the customer not so long ago. We sat through that vaunted sales process. We were sold. And we did not feel good about it. Think we’re the only ones? Read through their reviews here:

So we built a complete fleet management solution ourselves, from the ground up. We thought about what we needed in IoT hardware, and platform, and application. And what we built is different in so many ways. It’s built with modern principles around cloud-computing in mind. Built to just plug in and work, without complex custom code at the edge slowing things down and mucking things up. It’s super-simple, easy to install, and much lower cost, because we took all the nonsense overhead out of it.

We’re not afraid to break the old ways of doing things. Here are some ways we are different:

Here's how Verizon Connect compares to Momentum IoT on key features.

How Verizon Connect compares to Momentum IoT.

  • Cloud managed
  • Mobile friendly application
  • Tracking links for equipment rentals
  • Advanced CAT-M network for improved connectivity
  • Extreme low power option
  • Rugged IP 67 rated device
  • One simple device for both trucks and equipment
  • “Plug, Light, and Go” installation
  • Integrates with your ERP and Workforce Management
  • Open API
  • Bluetooth option available
  • Can be extended with optional sensors
  • Can be extended for key tracking
  • Optional tool leave-behind warning
  • Credit card billing
  • Pay as you go
  • No up-front hardware cost
  • No long-term contract
  • 4X lower monthly cost


These are just a few. We’re adding new modules and features every month. We’re taking advantage of CAT-M and a modern architecture to open up new segments in IoT. Shared rides, electric scooters and bikes didn’t exist just a few years ago, because GPS costs were too high to make it work. Think of all the new segments which will open up as costs are halved, and performance is improved.

This is a moment for great innovation in fleet telematics. Move over, Verizon Connect. This is our time.

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