February 17, 2021


Link Cheng

Two Men and a Truck Video GPS Review


Jason Stafford, Director of Operations from Two Men and a Truck – Bloomington, Illinois location – sat down with us to share his insights and experience using Momentum IoT. He manages 26 trucks across 5 offices.

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A – 00:55 to 03:52
Why Jason Chose Momentum IoT Jason was sick and tired of outdated GPS trackers he was using to manage his fleet: TSM Mobile – Couldn’t handle the capacity as the business grew rapidly. Teletrac Navman – Behind the curve in tech. Teletrac’s fleet tracking devices are outdated, difficult to install and manage. Took hours to install the device and in some cases, had to hire an installer. He tried 6 or 7 test units including:
❌ Verizon Connect
❌ KeepTrucking
❌ Samsara

After extensive testing, Jason decided to go with Momentum IoT due to: Ease of installation; OBD-2 Plug-and-Play was an attractive feature after dealing with Teletrac No contracts and affordable monthly fees

B –
03:53 to 05:17
Ease of Installation “It took me longer to pull the equipment out than to install yours,” said Jason. He also found the onboarding process to be a cinch.

C –
05:18 to 06:37
Most used features: Location tracking – The dispatch manager uses it daily to manage the fleet Alert systems like Speeding alerts

D –
06:38 to 7:28
Jason and his crew use both web and mobile versions of the fleet management software. Field crew especially enjoys being able to use the app on their mobile devices.

E –
07:29 to 08:53
Jason shares his plan to leverage idle reporting to cut down on excessive fuel consumption. “When you are talking this many trucks…excessive idle time can quickly chew up fuel costs.” He forecasts that if they can get the average idle time from 15 minutes to 10, it will result in $27,000 savings in fuel cost in 2021. ➡️ Plug-In GPS Fleet Tracker (No Hardware Cost): Go here to Get Your Fleet Tracker Today: https://momentumiot.com/buy/

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