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3,300+ Fleets Roll With Momentum

Momentum Fleet Management enables you to:
  • Generate more revenue by serving more customers daily with Route Optimization.

  • Save Thousands of $$ on fuel costs with Automated Idling Reports/Notifications.

  • Recover stolen vehicles in seconds with Real-Time Location Monitoring.

  • Reduce vehicle accidents and costs with Driver Safety Alerts.

Momentum Fleet Maintenance allows you to:
  • Maximize vehicle uptime with easy-to-use, automated preventative reporting and maintenance schedules that prevent costly breakdowns.

  • Stay in control of maintenance costs with cost-per-mile reporting.

  • Get organized with automatic vehicle service records and receipt capture.

Momentum integrates the best in tracking tech with intuitive reporting and analytics software
  • Simply plug-in an Eagle One GPS Tracker or stick-on a Toolie Light Equipment Tracker to easily track everything your company owns from one integrated dashboard.

  • At a glance you’ll know where your people, vehicles, and equipment are – and how they’re being utilized, so you can optimize their deployment for maximum revenue and customer satisfaction.

Toolie Light Equipment Tracking revolutionizes employee productivity:
  • Save hours of personnel time daily with Automated Real-Time Light-Equipment Tracking.

  • Know what tools are being used on the Jobsite, and for how long, with Real-Time Activity Reporting.

  • Robust reporting on equipment usage lets you easily compare crew productivity and get the most out of your team.

  • Never lose time or money again by leaving tools/equipment behind at a job!

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