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Grow your business with Momentum IoT's Fleet and Equipment Management Solution
Now you have the time, and the freedom, to grow your business and increase revenue while simultaneously saving time and reducing costs – all with the easiest-to-use and most cost-effective solutions available on the market.
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Momentum's Fleet Management enables you to:

Generate more revenue by serving more customers daily with Route Optimization.

Save Thousands of $$ on fuel costs with Automated Idling Reports/Notifications.

Recover stolen vehicles in seconds with Real-Time Location Monitoring.

Reduce vehicle accidents and costs with Driver Safety Alerts.

Momentum's Fleet Maintenance module allows you to:

Maximize vehicle uptime with easy-to-use, automated preventative reporting and maintenance schedules that prevent costly breakdowns.

Stay in control of maintenance costs with cost-per-mile reporting.

Get organized with automatic vehicle service records and receipt capture.

Momentum integrates the best in tracking tech with intuitive reporting and analytics software

Simply plug-in an Eagle GPS Tracker or stick-on a Toolie Light Equipment Tracker to easily track everything your company owns from one integrated dashboard.

At a glance you’ll know where your people, vehicles, and equipment are – and how they’re being utilized, so you can optimize their deployment for maximum revenue and customer satisfaction.

Toolie Light Equipment Tracking revolutionizes employee productivity:

Save hours of personnel time daily with Automated Real-Time Light-Equipment Tracking.

Know what tools are being used on the Jobsite, and for how long, with Real-Time Activity Reporting.

Robust reporting on equipment usage lets you easily compare crew productivity and get the most out of your team.

Never lose time or money again by leaving tools/equipment behind at a job!

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