June 29, 2021


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Training Video #7: How to Set Up a Geofence Monitor

Antonio Cole, Customer Success Manager at Momentum IoT, here with another installment of training on our top-rated,  award-winning GPS telematics product.


This time, he’s showing you how to create a geofence monitor, so you know when an asset or group of assets enters or exits an area. The geofenced area can be as small as a single lot, or as big as a state, and in any shape you choose.


You can log in and use the Web app at https://app.momentumiot.com/. Of course, you can also use the same login credentials to view assets in our mobile apps, which you can download here for iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/momentum-iot/id1513655057, and here for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.momentumiot.momentum&hl=en_US






A – 00:00 to 00:15

Antonio Cole, Customer Success Manager at Momentum IoT, is here to give us a quick tutorial on how to set up a geofence monitor to track when an asset enters or leaves an area.


B – 00:16 to 00:21

The first thing you’ll do is click “Monitors” in the top navigation on your telematics dashboard. Then go to “Create Monitor.”


C – 00:22 to 00:37

Then, we’re going to select “Geofence” and hit next. Name your monitor, then choose whether to get a notice when your vehicle enters or leaves it. 


D – 00:38 to 01:01

Now we can get to the good stuff: creating a geofence! Use the “plus” button to zoom in on our Google map. Click the “draw” button, then start playing connect the dots. At the first dot you will click once, second dot you’ll click, third dot you’ll click, then the fourth you’ll click to join the perimeter. And then we’re all set. You can use as many dots as you need. You can zoom in for a really right geofence, let’s say around a block or office lot or parking structure. Get a more detailed step-by-step guide here: https://momentumiot.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040126714-How-to-setup-a-Geofence-monitor-alert-


E – 01:02 to 01:16

After you click “Next” you will follow the steps to assign this geofence to the right asset or set of assets. You have a choice of assets categorized by global, location, group, or individual asset. For this example, let’s select the individual asset. This opens up a list of all your assets, and also a search bar in case you have so many assets that they’re not easily displayed. In this example, we’ll pick our generator, and then hit “Next.”


F – 01:17 to 01:39

Choose to follow or unfollow it, select the priority, and choose what method you want to receive the notification. Do you want an email? Or a text? Or both? We’re choosing both. Then hit “add.” And then we’re all set. You can check your settings by clicking on the monitor, if everything is good, hit “save.” If not, you can edit the monitor or delete the monitor. And that’s it!


G – 01:40 to 02:02

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Antonio at antonio.cole@momentumiot.com, or call directly at 323-786-4523.

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