June 21, 2021


Link Cheng

Training #3: How to Set Up GPS Disconnect Monitors

Here’s Antonio Cole, Customer Success Manager at Momentum IoT, with another installment of training. This time, he’s showing you how to set up a Disconnect Monitor. These are designed to let you know right away if your GPS Telematics device has been disconnected from power in any truck, vehicle or other equipment asset. You can receive that notification via text, email, or both. If you set it in the Momentum IoT mobile apps, you can also choose to receive a power disconnect notification via push notification. You can log in and use the Web app at https://app.momentumiot.com/. Of course, you can also use the same login credentials to view assets in our mobile apps, which you can download here for iOS:


and here for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…





A – 00:00 to 00:19

Antonio Cole, Customer Success Manager at Momentum IoT, is here to give us a quick tutorial on how to set up our first monitor, a battery disconnect monitor. This will let you know if the Eagle 1 device has been disconnected from a power source.


B – 00:20 to 00:31

The first thing we’ll do is go to the Monitors section, click “MONITORS” and click “CREATE MONITOR.” Click on the “Disconnected” icon and then hit “NEXT.”


C – 00:32 to 00:49

Here, you can name your GPS telematics monitor. You now have a choice of which asset you want to monitor, whether all (global), just those assigned to a location (location), just those assigned to a subset (group) or an individual asset. To learn how to assign an asset to a group, click here: https://momentumiot.zendesk.com/hc/en…. To name an asset and assign a location, click here: https://momentumiot.zendesk.com/hc/en…. We’ve chosen to monitor an individual asset, and it’s lucky Excavator #4.


D – 00:50 to 00:58

You can choose how high the priority is, whether to follow it via notifications or just in-app, and whether you want to receive your notifications via email, or text, or both. We’re selecting to receive these telematics monitor notifications via both email and text. Click add.


E – 00:59 to 01:07

And that’s it! You can click on the monitor to review everything. If everything is to your liking, you’re all set.


F – 01:08 to 01:32

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Antonio at antonio.cole@momentumiot.com, or call directly at 323-786-4523.

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