June 3, 2021


Justin Silva

Training #2: How to Download a Report

Training #2: How to Download a Report

Training #2: How to Download an Idling, Mileage, or Trips Report

Here’s Antonio Cole, Customer Success Manager at Momentum IoT, with another installment of training. 

This time, he’s showing how you can see different reports in the web application. These are Idling, Mileage, and Trips reports. These can each be downloaded as a .csv or .xlsx file. 

Check out the full video. You can follow along by logging in to use our Web app at https://app.momentumiot.com/.

Of course, you can also use the same login credentials to view assets in our mobile apps, which you can download here:

For iOS

For Android





A – 00:00 to 00:22

Antonio Cole, Customer Success Manager at Momentum IoT, describes the GPS Telematics Reports that are available in the Momentum App: Idling, Mileage, and Trips Reports.


B – 00:23 to 00:38

Go to the Reports section by clicking on the grey top navigation button which says “Reports.” Click Mileage to see the Reports Page. You can see data broken down globally, by location, by groups, or by asset. 


C – 00:38 to 01:06

See a color-coded breakdown of either odometer or GPS mileage. There’s a category breakdown so you can see the assets by category. You can see the top ten view of most driven assets.


D – 01:07 to 01:32

And now comes the meat and potatoes. Here’s how to download and share these reports. Click on the blue “SHARE” button on the top right, then click “DOWNLOAD” to download a .csv or .xlsx file. You can then sort the data if needed by state miles or distances, etc. You can also copy the link to share via link, and just paste that link into an email if needed.The recipient will be able to click that link to view the data.


E – 01:33 to 01:55

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Antonio at antonio.cole@momentumiot.com, or call him directly at 323-786-4523.

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