Trouble tracking tools?
Not sure what workers are doing at the site?
The problem is worse than you think.

Poor visibility into the job site is costing you thousands, not just in tools, but lost productivity.

Now you can do something about it. Take control of your light equipment. See what employees are working on at the site.

Introducing the Toolie™, the first-of-its-kind tool and workforce activity tracker from Momentum IoT.

Where's that tool?
Pins on the map, alerts if tools are left behind. Know if tools are underused/overused. Verify work.
What are they working on?
Built-in motion detection lets you know when a tool is active at the site. Know how a job is progressing.
No phones
The Toolie™ is always on. Unlike other solutions, it works without a phone. Just stick it on. No hassle.
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What can a Toolie™ do?

Stick it onto any light equipment in a connected truck.

The Toolie™ will track it, tell you if it’s active, and alert you if it’s left behind.

How’s that different than anything else you can use to track stuff?

No phone, no wires. It just works.
Don't Just Take Our Word For It
They added in activity, and made it something I wouldn't hesitate to pay for. It's worked great for my pool cleaning service. Getting employees to track this equipment on their phones would be a non-starter.
Nicholas Massa
Florida Aqua Group
Using these, I can figure out not only what type of job my techs are working, but what part of the process they're working on. The opportunities to improve are countless. This will be a game-changer.
Jason Carroll
Canyon Hills Plumbing
Tool Tracking Lifts Productivity
Kill Time Theft
Active employees have active tools! Now you can confirm that employees are using their equipment while at the site, raising productivity.
Track Worker Efficiency
See when equipment is active on the site. By knowing when equipment is active you gain workflow insights, so you can make more money.
Eliminate Callbacks
Verify the right tools were used at the right time, so that you can increase quality at every job, reduce customer callbacks, and save money.
Thousands of dollars, each

We get it. Generators, Air Compressors, Pumps, Jetters, Blowers, tools and other equipment cost thousands of dollars.

You want to track not only the equipment, but when it’s used and how. And you want to know what people are working on, right now.

We care, because you care.

Toolies™ work with an Eagle 1 GPS device installed in your vehicle. They will change the way you do business.
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