October 8, 2019


Link Cheng

The Truth is in the Details

Get the Details!

Get more data: Momentum’s GPS device is giving you a pin every 10 seconds, with direction, speed, and timestamp. Boom!

We’re not forgetting that ease of use is one of the reasons our customers love us. We’ve added mobile billing, because an increasing number of our customers are coming from mobile sources, and want an entirely mobile experience. We’ve added a Most Driven Top 10, so you know which of your assets are out there most.

Idling is a top concern, so we’ve added more to the Idle Report. We’re calculating using engine RPM and GPS movement, and using cloud-based logic to give you an accurate picture of who is idling, and when.

Finally, we’re able to give you much more granular trip breadcrumbs with our GPS batching capabilities. We store a GPS pin every 10 seconds during a trip, and send in the info every minute. That means each message up to the cloud generates 6 new pins on the map, each with its own timestamp, speed, and direction. You have to check it out!

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