January 16, 2019


Link Cheng

The Best Explainer Video in Telematics

Let’s say you’re launching a new kind of telematics company. This thing is different, in every way: hardware, platform, application, pricing, distribution.

We dress different. We talk different. We build kickass solutions, that just work.

What would your explainer video be like?

This is a single asset that has to speak for you, when you’re not in the room. Hell, you should never be in the room! Your entire marketing premise is that telematics can be transactional. Self-serve, with credit cards and chat support. Like everything else in 2019.

Given the requirements, your explainer video better be fantastic, right? I mean, it better have a drone, and spinning hardware, and a knife, and flannel shirts, and sawdust, and fine facial hair, and flame from a flamethrower in it.

Well, it does. Without further ado, here’s the best explainer video in telematics:



As we’ve said, where we’re going, they can’t follow. Special props to the fantastic team that helped put this together.

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