April 8, 2022


Link Cheng

Stander Ag Says Momentum is Amazing

Stander Ag


David Stanger is building an agriculture company with you in mind.

Their products are designed for farmers who are looking for modern and efficient ways to take better care of their farmland. Stander Ag delivers exactly what they need with quality and accuracy.

AND… they love Momentum (!) with a 10 out of 10 rating.

David Sanger: “This product is amazing, we use these on the our farm operation to track just about everything we know where everything is and can keep track of our employees on the road. we have several of these and are buying more. The customer support is amazing we had one unit go down and they shipped us a brand new the very same day, seen the shipping information about 30 minutes after the phone call.”

What do you dislike?:

“I have nothing to complain about.”

Recommendations to others considering the product::

“recommend giving a these guys a solid try, we have had there product almost a year and have had no issues with great support and response to any questions or problems. this product is very affordable and can be used on just about anything.”


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