GPS Tracking for Vehicles, Trailers & Heavy Equipment

Your business assets like vehicles, trailers, and heavy equipment are essential to your operations. Always know the location and status of your assets with Momentum GPS tracking devices. 

The Eagle One™ GPS Tracker

Made in America – Built to Last – 1-minute Install

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  • No Upfront / Hardware Costs
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  • Only $15/month

3,300+ Fleets Roll With Momentum

Introducing The Eagle One™

The flagship Momentum GPS Tracking Device

Made in America,  easy to install, Built to Last

Easy-to-Use Software
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  • Real-time location and activity tracking. 24/7 visibility.

  • See fleet status & activity at-a-glance

  • Automated location & arrival alerts for customers

  • Eliminate dangerous speeding by employees

  • Automatically organize your service record costs and receipts

“With Momentum, we can better manage our fleet. Its helped us significantly reduce idle time, which has a HUGE impact on fuel savings. We’ve saved about $700,000 ANNUALLY on idling costs alone since we started using Momentum.”

Jonathan Spano

Chief Executive Officer, Traffic Management, Inc.

  • Lowest cost

  • No contracts

  • No hidden fees

  • Easy, plug-in DIY installation

  • Most accurate and dependable

  • 24/7 support from vetted field service pros

Business Owners & Operators Love Us. You Will Too.

One Device, Any Asset

OBD-II Connection for Vehicles:

  • Light-to-medium duty trucks

  • Passenger vehicles

  • Vans

12 Volt Connection For Trailers & Equipment:

  • Trailers

  • Heavy equipment

  • Big-rigs

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