The Momentum solution for field services

A cloud-based platform, powered by connected GPS devices, that gives service businesses operational insight and financial control without complexity.
Understand how your operations activities impact your profit margins
With Momentum, itemized field activity data is gathered by GPS hardware linked with vehicles, equipment and crew members, then translated into accurate cost information for every job.
Momentum uses connected devices on vehicles, equipment and crews so you never have to worry about time consuming data entry, learning a new system or adoption. Our software features were informed by thousands of service pros like you. Momentum gives you the information you need to take action.

Features built to make your daily operations easier and your margins better
Accurate job costing
Cost every job, project or annual contract down to the penny in seconds.
Budgeted vs actual cost reporting
See your budgeted vs actual costs for every job and every customer, automatically.
Real-time profit & loss analysis
Get line-item detail on to learn what’s driving your profitability and what isn’t.
24/7 asset tracking
Get total peace of mind. Always know the status and location of your most valuable assets in real-time.
Momentum’s open API is free. Forever.
It’s your data. Use our free API to get your data where you need it.

No software experience required
Momentum software is easy to use because it’s automatically populated with data collected by GPS devices. There’s no time wasted on data entry. And no adoption issues. It just works. The data is always 100% accurate. And your team doesn’t have to do any “extra” work.
The hardware behind the software
Learn more about Momentum’s GPS devices for vehicles, trailers, heavy equipment, tools & crews. Our GPS devices make using Momentum as easy as possible because all of the hard work collecting data is done for you.

Momentum makes it 100x easier to manage ops for my landscape business because I can see everything from a single screen.
Lucas Baker
Owner, Pacific Landscaping
I can easily see which of my jobs are money-makers, and which ones aren’t. It’s been a huge boost to the business.
Owner, SCLM Landscape
I run 2-man crews instead of 3-man crews because I’m way more efficient in the field because of Momentum. Changed my business.
David Clifford
President, Turfmaster
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