Solutions Comparisons

See how Momentum IoT stacks up against other tracking solutions.

Spreadsheets Phone Apps Tablets Traditional GPS Providers
Assets Tracked All Some employees (the ones who let you install an app and keep it
active on their phones)
Most employees (because the tablet goes with the truck, and typically stays active) A different GPS tracker for each asset type
Time You Invest High Low High if tablets are installed in trucks. Months to start. Longer to set up accounts.
Features You Get None Low Low Many
Up-Front Cost $0 Low High High
Monthly Cost and Flexibility None Low, with contract lock-ins High, with contract lock-ins High, with contract lock-ins
Hardware Issues None None Many. Tablets are delicate and portable. Many. You buy their GPS devices, and when they sunset, they turn into bricks.
Data Accessibility Good luck with that spreadsheet. Low. Data is locked in their app. Low. Data is locked in their app. Zero. You are captive to vendor.
All. Our GPS trackers come with modular cables for different asset types.
5 minutes to buy, 20 minutes to install.
Low monthly cost, No annual contract.
None. If an issue arises, we replace the device.
High. It's your data.