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Smith Exterminating Says: “Don’t wait, order it.”

Don't wait, order it.

James Rice at Smith Exterminating of Trenton, Georgia says Momentum IoT is “Simple easy to use, cheap.” He adds: “Don’t wait, order it.”

    Wheeler’s Repair Services says: “Go for it!”

    Go for it! you won’t regret it!

    Fast updates, great features and great price point. I had previously used Verizon Connect and was very dissatisfied. I am very satisfied with this service.

    Go for it! you won’t regret it!

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    David Stander

    Stander AG: This Product is Amazing

    Recommend giving a these guys a solid try

    This product is amazing, we use these on the our farm operation to track just about everything we know where everything is and can keep track of our employees on the road. we have several of these and are buying more. The customer support is amazing we had one unit go down and they shipped us a brand new the very same day, seen the shipping information about 30 minutes after the phone call.

      Schneider Custom Homes: Momentum is a Game Changer

      These devices save tons of wasted phone calls

      Our home building business is fast paced and highly fluid – we’re not always sure what job site our team members are going to be at, at a given time. These devices save tons of wasted phone calls to see where people are at, and it’s been a huge game changer for our business and workflow efficiency.

      Likes: the app

      Dislikes: That I didn’t install them sooner.

        Beartooth EMS

        Beartooth EMS Recommended Momentum

        It is amazing. Recommended to friend

        It is amazing.


        Recommended to friend who also purchased one for his rescue service.


        I have 2 so far in our ambulances and love everything about it.

          Tri County Security Cameras Recommends Momentum

          started off with one to see how I like it will be purchasing more.

          so I start off the price is awesome you can’t beat that $12 a month a free device no hidden fees or contracts.

          honestly so far I have no dislikes I am happy!!!

          I would say if you’re in the industry and you need tracking your assets specially your machines portable trailers anything that runs on 12 V battery this is the best option.


            Whitacre Glass uses Momentum GPS Tracking

            A very effective and affordable way to track our fleet of service vehicles.

            Whitacre Glass liked the ease of installation and use.

            A very effective and affordable way to track our fleet of service vehicles.


              Bird Scooter GPS

              Bird Scooter Manager Uses GPS

              "It also has increased our work flow!"

              Brian Bazinet runs a fleet of Bird scooters in San Diego. 

              “We installed it on all our trucks and love the results!” he said.

              “Track miles driven, speed, trips, all the data you need,” he added. “It also has increased our work flow!”

                Active Air Heating & Air Uses Momentum

                "I was a skeptic but these are awesome."

                Jeremy Villegas of Active Air Specialists says: “Very reasonable price and very good tracking.”

                “Very accurate! Prompt tech support.”

                “Get it, great product.”

                  Motorcycle Boutique Rides with Momentum

                  Motorcycle Boutique Rides with Momentum!

                  "A MUST HAVE!!!!"

                  Convenient, Small enough to fit in a motorcycle, User Friendly and just straight awesome to navigate.

                  As of now, after a year and some using this device I don’t have any complaints.

                    Kid Carriage Loves Momentum

                    Cache Polk-Bridges at Kid Carriage Loves Momentum IoT!

                    "Definitely would recommend. It’s so easy to manage."

                    I love the easy setup, the monthly fee and the service is amazing.

                      Steve Rider at Charlotte Air Experts

                      Steve Rider at Charlotte Air Experts

                      "Try it I guarantee you'll like it"

                      Steve likes the ease of use.

                        Mike Prioletti at Hurricane Solutions

                        "Easy to use and easy to manage."

                        Plug and play solution. Easy to use and easy to manage.

                          Josh at Performance Lawns

                          Josh Whitaker at Performance Lawns

                          "I love the new app!"

                          Have not found one thing to dislike!

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                          Chris Jones at MobileVac

                          "Ease of Use"

                          Need it to monitor employees, keep an eye on the routes, proof to customers that you were there.

                            DRX Transport LLC

                            "JUST TRY IT, BET YOU'LL LOVE IT."


                              Pro Pest Solutions

                              "Love this company."

                              Love this company. Fast shipping, five minutes up and running and only $12.00 a month…just ordered my second unit. Finally a company with a great product that fits a small company budget.

                                Anthony B

                                "ease of installation and the great web interface"

                                If you want easy tracking of your assets, this is definitely the way to go. Very cost effective compared to other vendors.

                                  Mister M Tile Momentum review

                                  Mister M Tile and Flooring

                                  "Y'all should try it. Great product and service!"

                                  Easy to install. Easy to operate. Very affordable. Good to go!


                                    Two Men and a Truck

                                    "Low monthly cost, no equipment or shipping costs, easy to to install, and no contract!"

                                    Best deal around for basic GPS tracking services. No equipment or shipping costs, easy to to install, and no contract! – Jason Stafford, Director of Operations, Two Men and a Truck of Bloomington, Illinois.

                                      Reed O

                                      "Was stuck with worthless Verizon Connect. Night and day difference"

                                      I was with the worthless Verizon Connect for years under their ridiculous contract and lousy service. Momentum is 10X! Don’t hesitate. Best GPS on the market. Can’t beat the installation time 3-5mins, no contracts, no equipment fee.


                                        Aurora Refrigeration

                                        "Don't worry about installation. It's super easy."

                                        We are going to install these in the all our remaining trucks. What’s to dislike? No issues.


                                          Larry T

                                          "Truly a tremendous replacement of our Verizon Connect"

                                          The true ease of installation and no special technician to come onsite to install is a huge plus. We can literally install these in 5 minutes each.

                                          This product is truly a tremendous replacement of our Verizon Connect, Formerly Fleetmatics. Easy to install, a very great interface and a way cheaper price.


                                            Kayihan K

                                            "Definitely try it out! Very cost effective as well for what you get."

                                            Very accurate and works great and does exactly what I need it to do to track vehicles/trucks.


                                              Crispin S

                                              "Try them, you will be happy!"

                                              So easy to install, great software, awesome service!

                                                JDC Decks

                                                Josh D

                                                "Ease of setup and use"

                                                Works great, I have no complaints. Installs very easy. It’s a little bigger than I was expecting.

                                                  fort bend sheriffs office

                                                  Michael K

                                                  "I like the ease to install and setup"

                                                  Michael is the Director of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office’s “You Are Not Alone” Program. He likes: “The ease to install and setup. The easy interface of the website portal.”

                                                    Bergenfield Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

                                                    Ryan S

                                                    "Absolutely the best solution and best price."

                                                    Ryan’s the Chief at Bergenfield Volunteer Ambulance Corps. He says: “Great price. Easy to track the entire fleet with real-time data.”


                                                      Lipa B

                                                      "Free device and free shipping."

                                                      Easier than it looks like! The whole process is so smooth from ordering till seeing your asset on the map, and all for such a low price. Keep it up guys.

                                                        Michael M

                                                        "I hope my competition doesn't find out about it."

                                                        Very affordable, easy to use API, and no contract. This is a no brainer, this product is huge. I hope my competition doesn’t find out about it.

                                                          "Great product and service great"

                                                          Mike P

                                                          "Great product and service great"

                                                          Super easy to use, easy to set up. All around great product. Know where my crew and my vehicles are at all times. Buy it!!!

                                                            "The Easiest Fleet Management Solution"

                                                            Samuel MH

                                                            "The Easiest Fleet Management Solution"

                                                            I dislike having to pay a monthly fee. A flat rate fee is more attractive to small business owners. This is definitely a solution that is worth trying if you are unsure what product is right for your company.

                                                              "GPS que es sólido en precio y rendimiento"

                                                              Emmanuel S

                                                              "GPS que es sólido en precio y rendimiento"

                                                              Las características del GPS que se proporcionan son la excepción para el seguimiento del kilometraje, el exceso de velocidad, las geo-vallas, e incluso la gasolina en el tanque. Corrí tres unidades GPS de Momentum IoT, Tom Tom Tom e Intouch al mismo tiempo. El precio, las características y la facilidad de instalación hacen de Momentum IoT una solución sencilla.

                                                                "Great product"

                                                                Adam W

                                                                "Great product, exactly what we need for a small company"

                                                                It does everything Verizon GPS did, for a fraction of the cost. Able to track technicians time and plan more efficiently.






                                                                  "Great product"

                                                                  Raymond R

                                                                  "Great product"

                                                                  I would definitely recommend this product and will use it again in the near future.

                                                                    "Easy to install and works as advertised!"

                                                                    Administrator in Internet

                                                                    "Easy to install and works as advertised!"

                                                                    The price is impossible to beat and it works like a charm. Go for it! For the price of the unit there’s really very little risk.

                                                                      "Greatest gps to date"

                                                                      Jeremy B

                                                                      "Greatest gps to date"

                                                                      I like that it’s direct connected and it can be hidden. Also that the interface is so easy to use and track my drivers. If you are having problems with employees or mileage this is a great product and service. It paid for itself within 3 months and continues to do so.

                                                                        "Phenomenal product and love the services as well. "

                                                                        User in Computer & Network Security

                                                                        "Phenomenal product and love the services as well. "

                                                                        What I like the most is the GPS system along with the many other features. Keeping track of my car’s parking locations, gas, idling issue, battery and maintenance. I love the fact that I can pinpoint it’s last parking location, check battery voltage usage, idling time which is very important to me as well.



                                                                          "GPS That Is Solid in Price and Performance"

                                                                          Paul B

                                                                          "GPS That Is Solid in Price and Performance"

                                                                          The GPS features that are provided are exception for tracking mileage, speeding, geo fences, and even the gas in the tank. Tracking employees who like to speed, take long unscheduled stops, and drive erratic.

                                                                            "Has potential"

                                                                            Jamie D

                                                                            "Has Potential"

                                                                            I like the Affordability. Best tracking for the buck. No contract. You can add more or remove with ease.

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