$12 / Month
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Light to medium duty trucks, vans, passenger cars
Plug-in. Includes diagnostics, fuel level, odometer, 3ft cable
$12 / Month
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Light equipment, big rigs, heavy duty equipment
Best for direct-to-battery install, no diagnostics, 3ft cable
What's Included
  • Momentum Eagle 1 device
  • Installation harness (OBD or 12V)
  • Quick setup guide
  • Monthly cellular connectivity
  • Momentum application account
  • Installation and service support
  • Lock in this low monthly rate!
Know when an accessory (generator, winch, crane, etc.) on your vehicle is On or Off. Monitor use with real-time PowerSense alerts. Timely runtime reports help you to never miss a service again.
$2 / month / per device
Vehicle Maintenance
Keep track of preventive maintenance schedules, such as mileage, fuel consumption and engine hours. Alerts and reports let you stay on top of servicing work.
Coming soon!
Track Light Equipment
Make sure the right tools are on the rig. Get a text if equipment gets left behind at a job site. Now you can track it all with flexible, stick-on beacons from Momentum.
Coming soon!
What is the basic deal?
$12 a month per device. The basic device is a GPS tracker with cellular. All costs for connectivity, hardware, software, and mobile apps are included.
Is there really no contract?
There is no contract. You pay month-to-month, and can cancel at any time.
Is there really no hardware cost?
There is no hardware cost, really. Use it until you're done, then return it with our prepaid shipping label.
If I want to cancel, how do I return the device?
You send a note to customersuccess@momentumiot.com, and we send you a prepaid return label.
What happens if the device is lost?
We charge you $200 for hardware which is not returned to us.
If I don't add a plug-in now, how can I add it later?
You can sign up for the basic package today, and add any plug-in later, in the app. For example, here's how you can add the PowerSense feature later.
What happens if I need more help?
For any help with hardware or software, please reach out to us at customersuccess@momentumiot.com, call us at (323) 831-3475, or click here for support topics and answers.
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No upfront hardware cost
Pay-as-you-go monthly
No activation fee
$12.00 a month
No minimum contract term
Zero upfront cost
No extra hidden fees
Cancel at any time

These devices save tons of wasted phone calls, and it’s been a huge game changer for our business and workflow efficiency.

- Scott Schneider, Schneider Custom Homes

Very affordable, easy to use API, and no contract. This is a no brainer, this product is huge. I hope my competition doesn’t find out about it.

- Michael M., South Coast Metro Lawn & Landscape

Best deal around for basic GPS tracking services. No equipment or shipping costs, easy to to install, and no contract!

- Jason Stafford, Director of Operations, Two Men and a Truck of Bloomington, IL

Corrí tres unidades GPS de Momentum IoT, Tom Tom Tom e Intouch al mismo tiempo. El precio, las características y la facilidad de instalación hacen de Momentum IoT una solución sencilla.

- Emmanuel S, Structures Engineer - Aerostructures and Advanced Composites

Definitely would recommend. It’s so easy to manage. I love the easy setup, the monthly fee and the service is amazing.

-Cache Polk-Bridges at Kid Carriage LLC