PowerSense Plugin

Monitor Key Activities with PowerSenseTM

PowerSenseTM gives you the ability to track and manage power to auxiliary equipment on a vehicle. Knowing when the vehicle's power take-off (PTO) was used lets you manage activity, tools, and performance.
PowerSenseTM can be connected using our optional 3rd wire to any peripheral device to get info on its current state.
Set up text, email, or mobile push notifications when auxiliary devices are being used.
Get job verification, track hours of operation and auxiliary engaged/disengaged times, monitor engine runtimes, and more.
PowerSenseTM lets you capture history, utilization, and service requirements on your auxiliary equipment. Use it to track:
  • Operating a garbage truck compactor
  • Waste collection truck arm picks up a trash can
  • Lifting/lowering the winch on a tow truck
  • Turning a siren on and off in an ambulance
  • Operating the water pump on a fire engine
  • Snow plow up/down usage
  • Raising the bed of a dump truck
  • Operating the boom on a bucket truck
  • Running a truck mounted hot water extraction machine used for carpet cleaning

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