October 10, 2018


Link Cheng

PD Reporter: Fleet IoT Broken, Momentum Fixing It

PD Reporter: Fleet IoT is Broken, and these guys are fixing it.

PD Reporter: Fleet IoT is Broken, and these guys are fixing it.

As quoted in this week’s PD Reporter: “There are some big trends which will upend telematics in the coming 2 years. Among them: lower hardware costs, improved networks, more connectivity. Each of these will improve the experience for small and mid-sized fleets.

One of the big opportunities we see is that the biggest market of them all is still not connected. This is small and mid-sized fleets. After more than a decade of hype, IoT solutions are still not connecting the trucks of plumbers and pest inspectors. Why? We think the cost and complexity is still too high, and we are all about simplifying, lowering cost, easing install, and providing more interoperability. The tech trends enable all this to happen.

At the same time as the macro trends will enable this tech-led innovation, we see the major telematics solutions providers stuck with legacy technical debt, and not moving fast enough to take advantage of what’s possible. This is why we created the company. We came from a field service operation, saw what was available from the major vendors, and decided we could build a better solution ourselves. Read the rest here:


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