April 15, 2021


Link Cheng

New Looks for Spring from Momentum IoT

New Looks for Spring from Momentum

This week, we launched a sparkly refresh of our Web application, the product of three months of intense labor! We’re excited to present this to you.

Here are some highlights:
• Redesigned Monitor creation experience
• Redesigned Location / Group creation and editing
• Greatly improved filters throughout the application
• Easier ability to edit an asset
• Notifications available in trip history
• Many more changes, too many to list

If you’re a customer, you can see it automatically after you log in at https://app.momentumiot.com/.

Here’s the latest from Momentum IoT:


GPS in the News!

GPS News You Can Use

Need GPS News You Can Use?
Rats, Buses, Big Rigs and the Po Po. Here’s what’s happening in #GPS, this week. https://momentumiot.com/gps-in-the-news/


Momentum Named Best GPS Tracking Software

Best GPS Tracking Software

We won an award. No, not that one. Another one. Digital.com has given Momentum the honor of Best GPS Tracking Software in 2021. More on this award here. This is not a repeat. You may be thinking of this one. Or this one. Or this one. We win awards.



Another Great Review!


Larry at One Hour Plumbing says: “The true ease of installation and no special technician to come onsite to install is a huge plus. We can literally install these in 5 minutes each.”

“This product is truly a tremendous replacement of our Verizon Connect, Formerly Fleetmatics. Easy to install, a very great interface and a way cheaper price.”

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Got time for a Zoom interview?

Tell us how you use GPS. We’ll do a quick interview, and post it widely to promote your business. Here’s an example. Just fill this form, and put the word “interview” in the comments.

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