August 6, 2020


Link Cheng

New Feature: GPS Status Awareness!

GPS Status Awareness


New Feature: GPS Status Awareness!

We’re proud to announce a new feature at Momentum IoT. It is GPS Status Awareness in our maps and dashboards. Why is this great, and how does it work?

First, a bit on why this is needed. GPS status changes all the time, as signal strength fluctuates while you move. You could be in a canyon in the big city, or far out in the fields. You could have signals bouncing off cliffs, or buildings. You could enter an underground garage. To get accurate GPS, the Eagle device communicates with multiple cell towers, which then grab a GPS fix from fixed orbiting satellites.

Our Eagle device uses several advanced tools to handle varying GPS strength. First, we run on 4G LTE Cat-M, which offers both wider coverage than most 3G devices, and also better penetration and signal strength in many areas. Second, the device also has a precise accelerometer on-board, so we have a second way to detect motion and stops. We apply a logic to manage the interplay between these tools, to maximize performance.

But as with any GPS product, there are times when the device is unable to get GPS lock. When that happens, instead of guessing, now we know.


How does GPS Status Awareness work?

Colors. In the dashboard, the pin for your asset will change color to grey. In an asset list, it will display as “No GPS.” And in trip details, we will mark stops where a GPS fix was not available.

This may be counter-intuitive. We’re telling you when the device is not providing an accurate GPS reading. So by now, you may be wondering, what’s good about that? Well, we’re all about transparency. We’re confident that your knowing a status is more important than us pretending to always be right.

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