February 15, 2022


Link Cheng

Momentum Partners with Telit To Release NB-IoT On-The-Fly

Momentum Telit GPS NewsWe just announced a breakthrough GPS product with Telit. See here. Why does it matter? NB-IoT is a much-hyped, but rarely implemented, network for machine communications. If set up to work seamlessly with the right cellular network, the combination results in better coverage, using less power.

This means you can get a GPS tracker which performs better for real-time fleet management– and lasts longer on a single charge– than anything else in the market. 

Guess what? The genius engineers at Momentum just released such a device. Yes, it costs more and is harder to engineer than other devices. The cost and complexity is our problem, not yours. You just get a GPS device that is super-simple, fast, rugged, and flexible. 

If you have network or power consumption issues using your current GPS telematics solutions, you MUST try this now. Go here to get a free trial today: https://momentumiot.com/getstarted/

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