September 22, 2020


Link Cheng

Momentum IoT’s Advanced “Idle-Eye” Suite Helps Managers Address Excessive Idle Times

Momentum’s new suite of idle-management solutions, named “Idle-Eye,” helps fleet managers focus in on the problem drivers and repeat idle areas to reduce their fleet emissions, and save money. The colorful dashboard display provides clear info fleet managers can use to quickly identify the top 10 idlers in the fleet, idling asset categories, idling by time of day, and date range.

Fleet managers can set an idle monitor, to receive texts or emails when idling reaches a threshold, and then leverage our new Instant Replay tool to click to the exact spot where an event is taking place. This helps fleet managers become more proactive in managing the problem.


The results? When combined with management focus and training, our large fleet customers are seeing dramatic reductions in overall fleet emissions. including one with an 83% reduction in monthly idle time per hour driven. See how it looks below:

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