November 20, 2019


Link Cheng

Momentum IoT Wins at Automobility LA

Momentum IoT Virtually Wins at Automobility LA

Momentum IoT Wins at Automobility LA

At the #AutoMobilityLA trade show, taking place at the LA Convention Center from Nov. 18-21, 2019, Momentum IoT was honored today as having the top performing virtual trade show booth. The trade show booth is shown, to scale, above.

“We are delighted with this honor,” said Dev Bhatia, Momentum IoT’s Chief Marketing Officer. “It’s great to be able to quantify a return on investment for this trade show.” He added, “We spent about 30 minutes of my time, so that’s about $500, creating this beautiful illustration of a trade show booth. Since we offer a simple, direct, transactional product, any visitor can click to buy now. We’re pleased with this worthwhile investment. And also, with my budding Photoshop skills.”

The company amplified its success by posting this content, with a direct link to buy, here: Additionally, Momentum IoT encouraged visitors to visit its Facebook page,, and also view its favorite video:

Our Best in Show Award may be pending:

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