April 17, 2020


Link Cheng

Momentum IoT Weekly Roundup: Issue #2

Welcome to Momentum IoT’s weekly round-up; we curate and share noteworthy IoT news, insights and trends.

1. Katharine, the Great White Shark Who Ghosted Her Trackers, Resurfaces

Have you seen Katharine, The Ambassador, The Diplomat for the Ocean? She’s a Great White Shark who is known to be evading her trackers.

Since being tagged by a nonprofit Ocearch in 2012, the 2,300 pounds and 14 feet 2 inches beaut has delighted the public for years especially when she drew near the coastlines. She was deemed lost at sea when the GPS tracker placed on her dorsal fin stopped locating her since May 12, 2019. Then came several pings at the end of March and April, which raised hopes of her being found.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/13/science/shark-katharine-found-twitter.html

2. Robots assisting factory workers and retailers in fight against coronavirus

The COVID-19 crisis shed light on the necessity for flexible manufacturing and automation. As a result, big manufacturers are making an improvised effort to fight. GM and Ford have repurposed their operations by switching out pickup trucks for ventilators.

In the retail industry, robots are also assisting with the battle against the Coronavirus. Autonomous cleaning robots are tirelessly working around the clock to sanitize the retail stores, keeping the area safe for the employees and for customers.

Read more: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/robots-assisting-factory-workers-and-retailers-in-fight-against-coronavirus/

And finally, a shameless plug…our CEO Justin was interviewed on Project Hatch. He talks about the moments leading up to founding Momentum IoT, lessons learned so far, and the future vision for the company.

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