June 21, 2021


Justin Silva

Momentum IoT Newsletter – June, 2021

Customers Love Momentum IoT!


Customers Love Momentum IoT!

Love. It’s not a word you hear often in business. Yet it appears 10 times on our customer review page.

“I love the easy setup, the monthly fee and the service is amazing.” – Cache Polk-Bridges at Kid Carriage

“I love the new app!” – Josh Whitaker at Performance Lawns

“Love this company… Finally a company with a great product that fits a small company budget.” – Pro Pest Solutions

And many more…. (Also, “easy” appears 23 times. And “great” appears 18 times.) Maybe that’s why thousands of small business owners and managers have joined us.

We’re thrilled, tickled, honored. And we love you too! If you are using Momentum IoT and feel inclined to review us now, please¬†click here. We appreciate you.

Here’s the latest from Momentum IoT:


GPS Training Video
Training Video Series | 2 min videos

Antonio Cole is a Rock Star!

We want to make Momentum as easy to use as possible. Whether it’s installation, setup, monitors, reports, you name it. That’s why we created this step-by-step tutorial series. Each video is under 2 minutes, so you can quickly get what you need.

Click to view.



GPS in the News

GPS in the News | 2 min read

Eagles, Songbirds, Miners and Hippos

We curate the important news in GPS so you don’t have to.

How else would you learn about advances in tracking led by eagles, songbirds, miners and hippos? It’s poetic, I tell you. Learn more here.




Got Time for a Zoom Call?


Got time for a Zoom interview?

Tell us how you use GPS. We’ll do a quick Zoom interview, and post it widely to promote your business on Facebook, our blog, and more. Just click here and contact us to let us know you’re interested. It’s super-easy, and relatively painless.




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