March 23, 2020


Link Cheng

Momentum IoT and SkyBoss Streamline Field Services

LONG BEACH, CA March 23, 2020 – Momentum IoT, the leader in SaaS Telematics for field service fleets, and SkyBoss, a management software provider for field service companies, today released an integrated product offering for their Plumbing/HVAC customers.


The integration brings powerful features to the Plumbing/HVAC customers who rely on Skyboss for workflow management. With integrated telematics from Momentum IoT, they can now reduce operational overheads, boost productivity and improve customer experience.


Momentum IoT provides visibility into fleet location, fuel consumption, speed, maintenance issues, and other vehicle operations. Using the integrated features, Skyboss customers will now be able to use GPS tracking to monitor fleets and equipment in real-time and display the data on a web-based location application. The partnership will help Skyboss’ customers reduce field service response time by tracking fleet vehicles in real-time and deploying service technicians efficiently. This means more on-time arrivals and better dispatch.


  • Boost Fleet Efficiency and Productivity: The integration will allow field services operators to provide up-to-minute location information on their fleet vehicles, providing improved accuracy in the estimated time of arrival to their customers, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Lower Cost of Fleet Management: Momentum IoT’s real-time insights will help reduce fleet management costs.
  • Improve Driver Safety: By monitoring the driver’s behaviors and habits, Momentum IoT’s platform provides unprecedented insights to help optimize driver safety and reduce accidents.


“Workforce Management and Dispatch software benefit from integrated telematics that’s easy to use and turns on with a flip of a switch,” said Justin Silva, Momentum IoT’s CEO. “We’re thrilled to be working with Skyboss to enable more small field services companies to tap the power of connected IoT.”


“We were very pleased with how easy it was to integrate Momentum IoT’s data into our applications,” said Skyboss CEO Larry Enright. “They are the best telematics integration we’ve tried, and we’ve tried them all.”



About Momentum IoT

Momentum IoT helps small and mid-sized fleet managers locate and manage their trucks, trailers, heavy and light equipment with kickass telematics tracking solutions at affordable prices, with no contract. Momentum IoT was built from gravel up by people who worked in field services. Based in Long Beach, CA, Momentum IoT received a 2019 Compass Intel Award in the Fleet Management Tracking category. To learn more about Momentum IoT, visit



About SkyBoss, Inc.

SkyBoss is a powerful cloud-based system that provides paperless invoicing, integrated accounting, dispatching, inventory management and more for your service business. SkyBoss streamlines your operations and provides real-time insights on KPIs to give you unprecedented control over your service business. Come and see why the most profitable service companies are using SkyBoss. For more information, visit

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