June 19, 2020


Link Cheng

June Newsletter: Call for Cases


Have a story? We want to hear it.

Have you seen our Facebook page? It’s full of real stories from real customers. We’re putting together some favorites. Tell us what you think. Let’s hear how you use telematics to improve your business. Or how it was like when you used a competitor. Or interesting employee exploits you might have discovered. We want to know. Send us pics of your GPS devices installed in your trucks and equipment! If your story is selected, we will blog and post in an upcoming press release, so you can get some free publicity out of it. Just contact us.
Here’s the latest from Momentum IoT:
New Devices | 33 second video
New Eagle, Coming Soon!
Momentum IoT is building more devices, with even more great features! Watch them roll out of production. They are selling as fast as we’re making them, so we must be doing something right! Click here to check out video of sausage being made.
Survey | 8 min review
Got an opinion? Get $20
The nice folks at Capterra want to give you $20 for your opinion. We won’t tell you what to say, but other people we know, really excellent people, are saying things like: “Phenomenal.” “Works like a charm.” “I laughed, I cried. I’ll bring my whole family to see it!” Consider adding your own.

Referrers | 3 min read
New Referral Program
As a disruptor in fleet management, we are increasingly seeing customers who like our product, but are stuck in contracts with Verizon Connect, Geotab, and others. We’re curious. Do you have any guidance on how we can incentivize customers to switch? Maybe a discount or store credit? Tell us:  put in your comment here or in the comments section below.

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