July 30, 2020


Link Cheng

July Newsletter: Most Expensivest Telematics?


Why pay 4.3x more?

Do you pay too much for telematics? Do your friends pay too much? Forward this note to them, and be a better friend. Here’s where they can solve that problem.
We surveyed thousands of users, and asked what they pay for telematics. The bottom line? Our competitors charge an average of 4.3x more for one year of service with comparable features, and still require a contract and up-front payment for hardware.
4.3 TIMES.

And… here’s the latest from Momentum IoT:
Pricing Survey | 3 minute read
We’re looking at you, Verizon Connect!
Check our our industry pricing survey. We found that the market leader, Verizon Connect, charges $25-$200/month per device, on top of their hardware price of about $100 per device. Not sure if their service backs up the price? Check out their glowing reviews.
Feature Info | 5 min read
What’s a Monitor?
There are several ways to set up and monitor assets with GPS Telematics. You can create monitors for different asset classifications, such as global, locations, groups, and specific assets. Learn about Battery Voltage, Disconnect, Excessive Idling, Geo Fence, Speeding and more. Click here.
Feature Info | 5 min read
What’s a Geofence?
A geofence is a virtual border or edge around a location on a map, a tool typically used in mapping, routing, shipping or dispatch applications in fleet management. Learn how to set up a geofence, and use it to manage your fleet.
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