October 23, 2019


Link Cheng

Is your GPS company a Purple Cow?

Is your GPS company a Purple Cow?

We’ve been considering our own purple-ness at Mobile World Congress – Los Angeles this week. So many vendors. If you search for IoT/M2M companies on the event’s website, the results extend to FIVE PAGES. Do you even know what IoT/M2M means?

I bet most field service fleet managers do not.

The managers at Momentum used to work at a field service company, with trucks and trailers and yards filled with equipment: generators, light towers, arrow boards, and all the random stuff that goes along with it. In other words, we know field services. And we can tell you, when walking around at Mobile World Congress – Los Angeles this week, there were no field service pros in a 1-mile radius of the LA Convention Center.

Unless they were working the event’s booth setup and logistics.

Which brings us to our point. The GPS telematics product which captures the attention of field services fleet managers is probably not attending Mobile World Congress. It probably includes guys who worked in field services fleets, and saw what was passing for good GPS product. The one that wins this market will interact with customers, with thousands of “likes” on Facebook (here), and a free, instant demo (here) and link to a site where you can buy our product (here).

Special thanks to Seth Godin for helping us see the world using his special (purple) filter.

Purple GPS from Momentum IoT

Purple GPS from Momentum IoT

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