November 8, 2019


Link Cheng

Momentum IoT Wins 2019 IoT Innovator Silver Medal

Momentum IoT Wins 2019 Silver Medal from IoT Innovator

Momentum IoT Wins 2019 Silver Medal from IoT Innovator

Today, IoT Innovator revealed that Momentum IoT has received a silver medal in its 2019 IoT Innovator Awards. The Gold Medal in the Commercial and Industrial IoT category went to Altair Semiconductor, a Sony Group Company, which is a leading provider of Cellular IoT chipsets, shipping millions of units annually to customers around the world.

Justin Silva, CEO of Momentum IoT, said: “We are thrilled to be honored among these giants of the IoT landscape. This list of honorees includes Altair Semiconductor, and also Western Digital, Samsung, and Schneider Electric. It’s a validation that Momentum IoT is on the right track to be even mentioned among these IoT leaders.”

The 2019 IoT Innovator Awards spotlight the best businesses and products on the Internet of Things space.

“The so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’ that is the Internet of Things market is still emerging, but its impact already has disrupted virtually every industry,” said Kim Kay, editor-in-chief of IoT Innovator.

According to the IoT Innovator announcement, “The IoT Innovator Awards are designed to recognize those pioneers who are harnessing for consumers the vast potential of the IoT in ever-innovative and valuable ways.”

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