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Momentum lets you install, launch, and scale your tracking program faster, so you can drive results. Reasons why the best fleet managers choose us:

No custom script development

Our devices require no custom firmware or script. It’s 100% cloud managed. This removes the time, cost, and headache of field application engineering.

You choose the vendor

Have trackers already? Port them to us and see all your assets in one screen.

Easy install

Our devices come with standard plug-in connectors, and easy to use cables. No wiring.

Already have a tracking vendor?

Momentum lets you keep those devices, and integrate them into a single view of all your assets in one.

3 Ways to Get Connected, Right Now

Start Instant Demo

Test drive Momentum IoT for Fleets from your browser. Experience the power of telematics in seconds! Simulated connected assets enable you to see our tracking application in action. Set up a monitor, get an alert. See mileage reports and trip histories. Play with it!


Get Free Gear

We’ll ship you a GPS telematics device for a trial evaluation. No credit card required. There’s zero risk – if Momentum isn’t right for you can simply send the gear back.


Get Started Today

Buy now with your credit card. We’ll ship via FedEx, and we’ll even pay for the shipping! Your business fleet will have GPS tracking in days