August 8, 2022


Link Cheng

Innovators Invent

Momentum IoT has INVENTED the Toolie™, a game-changing ‘Fitbit for Tools.’ Read about it in IoT for All.

Toolies enable remote managers to visualize job sites, figure out job progress, ensure that each step is completed, and resolve issues which are halting work as they are happening.

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What I just described is a revolutionary change from the state of industry today. The Toolie will help companies make more money by being more productive. And oh yes, they will lose less tools.

The Toolie solves a real-world problem, with a solution that, well, works. Imagine trying to address remote workplace visibility issues by expecting employees to pull out their phones to track tools at a job site. Imagine using an AirTag to track activity, at a remote job site, securely. Keep imagining, because THAT DOESN’T WORK.

When you work at an innovator, you know it. I’ve worked at many companies, both large and small, and I can tell you without filters that it’s rare to truly invent anything. If you can do it, I highly recommend it.

Momentum IoT, the SaaS of Telematics, enables small and midsized fleets to adopt technologies formerly reserved for only large corporations. Our transparent model– coupled with our disruptive tech– have attracted thousands upon thousands of customers. Many of these customers have never used GPS of any kind. 

Now we’re innovating again, and expanding the Industrial IoT market to whole new segments.

“I like the model,” says Stacey Higginbotham of Stacey On IoT, a respected tech influencer, in her fabulous write-up. “I also like the idea of a future in which you can track smaller and smaller tools used in lawn maintenance, construction, building cleaning, and other use cases. This is where the IoT can shine, using cheap connected devices, cloud analytics, and data to make the invisible visible.”

“To be able to make money nowadays, you’ll need to be better able to understand your business and analyze the data,” says David Clifford, COO of Turfmaster Lawn Maintenance Inc. in Indianapolis. 

“There’s nothing like it,” said Chris Spano, co-founder of Traffic Management Inc. “We tried RFID and QR codes. Those only do check ins. RFID helps you with hands free check-ins, basically. But Toolies give you insight into the job itself.”

“We think we can save hundreds of hours a week in unneeded yard hunts, and we think we can gain about five percent more efficiency by not having to call and text to get remote job updates. That is efficiency that drops straight to the bottom line,” Spano added.

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