January 21, 2022


Link Cheng

Immediate Attention Required (If you use other GPS vendors)

3G Sunset


Is that a sunset?

A major U.S. cellular carrier just sent an email to business users, informing them that 3G service will be shut down Tuesday, February 22, 2022. The ominous subject line was: “Immediate Attention Required”


What does it mean? If you are a Momentum customer, it means absolutely nothing. While customers of other GPS telematics products are running to remove existing hardware, and buying new hardware, and working installers and techs overtime to replace the stuff installed in their trucks, you’re relaxing.

Momentum doesn’t do shutdowns, or sunsets, or even contracts. We don’t sell 3G devices on contracts whose terms go longer than the network service dates. That would be wrong.

If you are currently with a vendor who has asked you to upgrade in the last year, so you can pay them more money for hardware, and get into another annual contract, so you can pay them more for monthly service, we suggest you try a hardware trial from Momentum IoT. It’s free. There’s no contract.

And there are no sunsets.

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