September 20, 2018


Link Cheng

Hey BigCorp, We’re Coming for You!

New network technologies are set to drive innovation in Fleet Telematics. But old thinking is holding them back.

The Very Big Corporation of Telematics

Hey BigCorp, We’re Coming for You!

LTE-M and NB IoT, the standards rolled out last year by the major carriers, are specifically optimized for IoT connectivity. What do we get from these standards? And what’s keeping us from tapping these benefits?

The carriers promoted LTE-M (Long Term Evolution for Machines) and NB IoT (Narrow Band IoT) to address the specific needs of fleet and site tracking. They represent a new standard suited for small messages, short duration, low bandwidth, high frequency, and large volume of subscribers.

In other words, LTE-M and NB IoT are perfect for fleet and site tracking. Using them, we can build fleet and site tracking solutions that offer better coverage range, higher security, lower power consumption, and far lower cost than ever before. That means more trucks and equipment connected, in more places. It means longer battery life for non-powered asset tracking.

New solutions built on LTE-M and NB IoT will be superior to every solution currently offered by every large fleet management solutions provider. Lower costs will expand the market, by enabling smaller and lower value assets to be connected affordably.

Given the advantages, you have to wonder why some of the biggest market leaders are not shipping LTE-M. Furthermore, why aren’t they redesigning their entire platforms to take advantage? What’s the downside?

“Yesterday’s tech works fine,” said no innovating tech manager, ever.

Well, if you are a market leader in fleet management and telematics, you have something to lose. You’re not eager to cannibalize existing clients, or invest in new platforms which take fuller advantage of the network. “Yesterday’s tech works fine,” said no innovating tech manager, ever. “It’s been chugging along for years!” Better to patch up the old than build new. Despite the benefits, you have reasons to NOT update platforms for LTE-M and NB IoT.

You are stuck, and you want your clients to be stuck too.

Unfortunately, innovation comes whether you want it to or not. Clients demand it. They want low operating cost, and more assets tracked. They want to track mixed fleets, with visibility into assets of all sizes. Give fleet managers what they want! Compare our solutions here:


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