September 9, 2019


Link Cheng

GPS Tracker Security: We’re Good, They’re Not

ZDNet GPS Security Breach News

GPS Security Breach on ZD Net

Here’s what happened. A GPS tracker manufacturer has hundreds of thousands of devices in the field, all with a default password of 123456. Anyone with that password can enter their account, view locations, and track drivers. It’s inexcusable.
Inexcusable security lapses seem to be weekly events these days. Credit data stored in plain text at a credit bureau, mobile numbers in an unencrypted folder of a Facebook vendor. It happens all too often.
At Momentum IoT, we designed with security in mind. And we built it to be secure regardless of human error. Each device has a unique, hashed digital security key. All communication from servers to devices is encrypted end to end. We’re the gold standard in IoT device security. While other vendors struggle to get compliant with minimum requirements, we’re leading.

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